A partner for decades

DMG Management & Logistiek


Daneels Media Group has been a partner of smaller companies and multinationals for decades. Thanks to this experience, we can give companies sound advice on how to optimise their purchasing of graphic products. As a partner, we put the interests of our customers first. Smart purchasing is good purchasing.


With a spacious warehouse of over 20,000 m2 surface and sophisticated ERP system in place, Daneels Media Group is perfectly equipped to accommodate your logistical needs. Whether it be for storage, order picking, kitting, distribution or warehouse management, we make sure to fulfil the needs for (printed) materials of your clients, worldwide.


Productie & Specialisation

Daneels Media Group specialises in the production of high-quality and sustainable commercial printed matter. For this purpose we have at our disposal ...

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Loyalty programs

One of the industries in which Daneels Media Group has a proven track record, is the international market for loyalty programs and shopper activation ...

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