Daneels Media Group

The Daneels family has been active in the printing industry since 1906, when Josephus Daneels settles in the town of Beerse in the green heart of the Kempen region. He starts a paper trading and printing shop. What started as a small company has since developed to what is now named Daneels Media Group; one of Europe’s leading print media production houses.



In 1946, Josephus’ son Jan Daneels, along with his sisters, takes over. To support the need for advertising from local businesses, he starts publishing a magazine which could be marked as the first steps into commercial printing. Today, we offer our national and international clients a wide range of services; from design and premedia to print production, finishing, fulfilment to worldwide distribution.


At Daneels Media Group we consider our clients to be our partners. A dedicated staff of 185 shows great pride in their profession, each day and every day. Current and future clients can rely on our craftmanship, experience and feeling of ownership for each project delivered. Being at the forefront of sustainable entrepreneurship, clients who care about the environmental impact of their print productions, will feel very much at home when working with Daneels Media Group.