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In addition to commercial printing, Daneels Media Group has in recent years also focused on producing Loyalty Programmes. These Loyalty Programmes are actually savings campaigns of 2D printed products, in our case, such as cards and stickers that run for a certain period of time and are collected in a savings album. Think, for instance, of the football cards during a European Championship or World Cup.

Daneels Media Group has to that end developed the SEBP (Self Envelope Blind Pack or Sustainable Envelope Blind Pack): this is after all a graphical product without packaging and therefore with with minimal waste.

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Loyalty and sustainability

The cards were previously often packaged in plastic. Partly because of our commitment to sustainable graphic solutions and in order to avoid as much waste as possible, the Daneels Media Group has developed a number of interesting loyalty products under the name SEBP (Sustainable Envelope Blind Pack).

The cards, stickers or other images are packed in a self-closing envelope, as it were, which can be easily opened by tearing off a small strip of paper or cardboard. This reduces the remaining waste to a minimum and is also recyclable.

All the paper and cardboard we use to make football cards, for example, is FSC® or PEFC™ certified. The origin of this paper is fully traceable to sustainably managed forests. We also use recycled paper more often.

The Daneels Media Group engages in CO2 neutral production. 23,000 m2 of solar panels ensure every day that the ecological footprint remains as small as possible. You can use our ECO Calculator to calculate how many tonnes of CO2 are saved.


Why opt for a loyalty programme?

It is a structured item in marketing that rewards loyal customer buying behaviour. The purpose of loyalty programmes is to bind customers to a supermarket or an association, for instance. Loyal customers are indispensable for the big market leaders.

We produce loyalty programmes in the form of printed material. We make your customer loyalty tangible. What are the advantages of collecting football cards, for example? 

  1. Customer loyalty: people come to your business especially in order to collect the cards. If they are satisfied, they come more often and stay longer as customers. This also ultimately results in repeat purchases and a more extensive buying pattern.
  2. Product sales increase. The reward, i.e. getting the cards, comes only after people have bought for a certain amount.
  3. References: People refer to your business, tell friends or family about it, so new customers also come to shop as a result.

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Daneels Media Group loyalty programmes

We specialize in producing and distributing premium products for loyalty programmes. These programmes are deployed by retailers at home and abroad. Our mission is to produce these innovative and sustainable products with the lowest possible CO2 emissions.

End products such as sticker or cardboard packaging and collectible albums are extensively tested for conformity so that they can be produced in large numbers and runs. We can offer this cost-effectively within a certain budget precisely because we work so efficiently.

The quality of the products is guaranteed thanks to our own control systems.

Loyalty under one roof

Loyalty programmes often involve huge numbers of SEBPs and collectible albums. To meet this demand within predetermined deadlines, we have invested in capacity that today makes us the market leader in Europe. Everything is taken care of under our roof in Beerse. From design to product and from control to distribution, we can offer it all under one roof. Our clients are thus assured of a well-planned, efficient and cost-saving process. Thanks to the centralized location, not only are costly and environmentally damaging transports avoided, but the control and management process is entirely in our own hands. This enables us to guarantee 100% quality and completeness.

Many loyalty programmes use a collector album in addition to the SEBPs. Naturally, these are also produced by us. To this end, we have extensive and sophisticated machinery at our disposal for printing, folding, stitching and/or perfect binding.


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