Ecology and sustainability

Can a print shop save the world? In any case, we are doing our bit. Together with our customers, we work hard to ensure a clean future.

  • We print on sustainably produced FSC and PEFC-certified paper.
  • All environment-related aspects are strictly controlled (ISO 14001) and all waste materials are fully recycled.
  • We print with 100% biological inks.
  • Hardly any use is made of isopropyl alcohol (IPA).
  • This allows us to further reduce our already very low water consumption.
  • Our own power plant equipped with as many as 25.000 m² of solar panels ensures that our production is completely COneutral.
  • Our power plant produces 2,000,000 kWh of green electricity per year.
  • The Smeta 4 Pillar audit helps us implement all aspects of corporate social responsibility in practice.