Innovation and technology

Innovation is a tradition at the Daneels Grafische Groep. We continuously invest in the latest, most efficient and ecologically most responsible technologies.

  • LPL technology enables you to print up to 5 colours both sides, on XL-format (75 x 105 cm) and with aqueous based varnish on both sides of the sheet. And all this in a single pass. Result: super quality at top speed.
  • The latest screen technologies bring out every detail with flawless clarity and ensure soft, natural colour transitions.
  • LE-UV (low energy UV) technology allows up to 6 colours to be printed with UV in-line coating.
  • 90% of our production is finished in-house. Cutting, folding, stapling, stamping, gathering, creasing, punching, PUR perfect binding: we do it all ourselves. Result: shorter lead times while retaining full control over planning and quality.