Meet our partner Booxs

Booxs is a creative production agency for special print products. Together with a network of specialists, Booxs develops a wide range of graphic products where quality is paramount, and the love of technique and paper are the guiding principles. As a spider in the web between client and production, Booxs provides the translation between desire, form and execution, working together graphic designers, agencies, artists, photographers, galleries, museums and architects.

Improving digital printing techniques
"Where clients used to have the choice between one or a few paper types and printing techniques, we see that nowadays the possibilities of paper choice as well as finishing techniques are numerous. And as a result, traditional offset and digital printing are increasingly close together." Right at the start of Booxs, they already made the most out of digital printing by designing and producing their own ‘Booxs sales bible’ for acquiring new clients; an extensive collection book, digitally printed on a diversity of paper types.

New business models
"Digital developments are also creating new business models. The simplicity with which you can now produce a small print run of books, for example, means that the role between client and publisher is changing. Thanks to digital printing techniques, not only does waste decrease dramatically, but a kickstart model now allows us to determine the success of a book edition in advance at minimal cost. If it is a success, we are of course happy to produce it in higher volumes."

Collaboration with DMG
Soon after the founding of Booxs, the first collaboration with Daneels started. "The combination of man, machine and environment really appeals us. The machinery that Daneels offers obviously contributes to the success of our collaboration. Daneels invests heavily in new machines and processes every year and is thus at the forefront of technological developments. This means that we are also able to raise the bar a little higher each time.”

Environmental aspect
To complete the circle, Booxs concludes with the environmental aspect. "You can see that sustainability is a prominent, authentic factor in Daneels' business operations. Conscious of their contribution to a healthy future for next generations, numerous initiatives have been undertaken to reduce CO2 emissions, as well as the reuse and recycling of materials."