The Essential of 2021: The Corporate Brochure

Going into 2021, it is probably more important than ever to spend your marketing budget wisely. The upcoming year is all about getting back the attention of your target group, and we believe a corporate brochure can do the trick!

Corporate brochure
Now, this may come as a surprise, but research showed that offline advertising is more action-orientated than digital advertising. One of the most used and most effective offline tools is a corporate brochure. Often used to introduce a company, product or service, this tool offers a few benefits: it’s cost-effective, sustainable, versatile, easy to distribute and can hold lots of referable information.

Before diving into the design, write down three necessities; what is the purpose of the corporate brochure, who is your target group and what is the budget? A corporate brochure can be informative, inspirational or promotional. Choose a format that will suit your target group and incorporate language and images that are appealing to them.

Tips & Tricks
For a consistent look, include one primary and one or two secondary colours to incorporate within the design. This approach is common for corporate brochures and product presentations. This same principle can be used when choosing a font; one for headlines and one for paragraphs.

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