Artificial Intelligence: The Next Big Thing

Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more popular in the printing industry. The concept in which machines ‘think like humans’ – that means they can reason, plan, learn and understand language – is becoming increasingly important.

Machine learning
The system behind Artificial Intelligence is a technology called ‘machine learning’. “By studying the past, we predict what will happen in the future.” Explains Stijn Geuens, professor of Artificial Intelligence, affiliated with the French business school ISEG. “By applying algorithms to the past, we learn the patterns. Based on that, we create a mathematical, statistical model that mimics this. By applying that model to the present and the future, we can predict what will happen.”

Print industry
Artificial Intelligence is used more and more often in the print industry. An example of this is how we label our documents. With and without ink stains. They are categorised as ‘good’ or ‘’bad’. The patterns in that data become the input to the algorithm. “Based on those documents, the machine can judge itself whether a print was successful or not.”

The print industry also uses Artificial Intelligence to predict the maintenance of the presses. Almost all devices such as printers and presses have a built-in sensor technology that collects and analyses data. Based on that, it can predict possible errors that may occur in the near future.

Belgium is leading
Few countries have as many tools and applications based on Artificial Intelligence in the workspace as Belgium: a quarter of the Belgians (24%) work in such an environment. This according to research done by Ipsos and The Boston Consulting Group. Belgium is right behind Canada (26%) and China (31%), with a growing impact in the future.

Daneels Media Group
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