A Second Place In The Top 10

Daneels Media Group received a 2nd place in 'The top 10 most environmentally responsible printing companies in Belgium'. In February 2020 Grafisch Nieuws published an article with their online research on which printing companies in Belgium present the strongest environmental commitment.

Immediately in the introduction, Daneels Media Group is mentioned among others: "...these printing companies offer a broad and clear view on their environmental commitment on their website and therefore, in our opinion, score the best". That’s something that we’re proud of!

Kris Daneels, Managing Director of Daneels Media Group: "It is mainly about finding the right balance between taking care of the environment and industrial production and then communicating this correctly towards customers. They need to get a clear overview of the possibilities to realise their graphic products so that they can consciously choose a production method".

You can read the entire article on the website of Grafisch Nieuws | Source: https://grafisch-nieuws.knack.be/magazine/de-top-10-van-de-meest-milieuverantwoordelijke-drukkerijen-in-belgie/article-normal-1565669.htm

DMG 2e Plaats Top 10