The Measurable Effect of Print 

The term 'neuromarketing' is increasingly being used; an important factor in research on the effects of the various products within a media mix. This also applies to our core business: print. Unfamiliar with this term up until now? We are happy to tell you more.

A neuromarketing research examines a person's brain activity while interacting with a certain product. This can be done by, for example, 'eye tracking', where eye movements are followed, or EEG measurements, where the brain activity clearly reveals.

PostNL has recently done such a research and mapped out the findings for interested parties. This provided exceptional insights. Direct mail and leaflets, for example, provide the right strain on the brain. The content is easy to process. These products also score high on engagement. The message is remembered and experienced as relevant.

Today, print gets little or no attention in the media mix of many companies, but research shows that this is unjustified. Do you need support in finding the right print product for your media mix? Don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to discuss the possibilities.


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